Manufacturing and Accreditation

WEW‘s manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest high pressure cutting machines, 4-roll bending machines for cylindrical and non-cylindrical shapes, as well as super-automated and flexible welding equipment for longitudinal and circumferential seams. All critical seams are X-rayed. The level of automation that we employ ensures that the quality and value for money of our products is unsurpassed.

Every one of our manufacturing staff has completed a three year apprentice education at WEW and all WEW welders are certified to the highest levels.

Support Services and Upgrades

WEW’s recently expanded facilities have greatly enhanced the support and upgrading services that we offer, including off-the-shelf spare parts supply. This, combined with extensive field service experience, ensures WEW’s clients have the option of comprehensive TLS (Through-Life Support), an important feature considering the decades-long lifecycle of WEW designs.