Accidents are unavoidable when transporting tank containers multimodally worldwide.

Massive shock-loading is sustained by the container frame in the event of an accident. The frame must be strong enough to protect the pressure vessel (which may be filled with hazardous cargo), yet also have “crumple zones” to absorb the energy. This “plastic” frame deformation helps minimise the risk of pressure vessel deformation and thus product leakage. 

WEW's frame designs are patented and fully type-tested to easily handle this load absorption requirement.

Tank frame connection design is critical in the event of an accident. WEW’s patented tank frame connections are designed so that the frame distributes the impact forces over a large area at the bottom of the tank, eliminating major stress points or crease areas in the pressure-vessel material. Coupled with that is the 6X welded ring system of WEW’s tank frame connection, all adding up to enormous design stability.

This advanced design, with a tare weight of 3,345kg for a 24 m³ insulated tank, is also the lightest in the tank container business. 

Besides impact absorption, external corrosion can also be a factor, which can affect insulated stainless steel tank containers, whereby minor production defects or operating conditions can lead to stress corrosion. To prevent this, all WEW stainless steel tank containers are blasted and painted with a twin-pack primer before the insulation is mounted.