Transporting and Storing Water a Critical Task for Military Logisticians

Transporting and storing water is a significant task for military logisticians, one which has to be given serious attention as without water the soldier cannot function, it could even be argued that it is the most important re-supply commodity.


Refuelling man and machine focus of WEW display at DSEI 2015

Full Spectrum Liquid Logistics Support on Stand S4-350

Refueling man and machine will be the focus of the WEW display on stand S4-350 during DSEI being held at the Excel Centre, London from 15 to 18 September 2015.


Lower Austria Fire Brigade Takes Delivery Of Mobile Refueling System From WEW

Vehicle and Helicopter Re-fueling now available from one module for Fire Service

Mobile refueling for helicopters and vehicles is now available to the Fire Brigade in Lower Austria following the delivery of two 5,500 litre joint fuel systems by WEW.


New Bromine ISO Tank Container Announced by WEW

Company uses skills in developing high integrity tanks to produce an 8000 litre unit

Providing solutions for transporting some of the most highly corrosive liquid chemicals is an everyday occurrence for WEW.  A newly launched product, the 8,350 litre / 2,205 US gallons Bromine tank, is another example of this capability.


Forward Area Aircraft Refuelling

Successful forward air operations rely on keeping aircraft on task for the maximum amount of time. To do this refueling needs to happen as close to the operational area as is possible. The refueling system must be mobile, ready to dispense fuel quickly and equally must be able to move on again without the need to clean the area, empty containers or allow any contamination to enter the system.


WEW Supplies Catalyst Tanks to Dow Chemical Co.

One of the world’s leading chemical companies, Dow, has put its faith in WEW to supply specialist tanks to transport catalyst. WEW’s solution involved building a robust 5000 litre tank inside an ISO style frame and fitting it with a specialist agitator.


Water and Fuel for Humanitarian Support

When disaster strikes two of the commodities which run into short supply quickly are fuel and water. Watching our televisions and seeing those unfortunate people affected by the disaster having to queue to get these basics items is a very sobering activity.


Modular Logistics Solutions Developed in Partnership for Turkey

Logistics are at the heart of successful military operations no more so than in today’s modern conflict zones. In Turkey this is just as much an issue as it plays its role within NATO and has to handle the threats on its southern border.


Fuel and Water Solutions for a Changing World

It is over 25 years since the Berlin Wall came down and the old Cold War started to warm up, since then the shape of warfare has changed to being expeditionary with lighter forces more easily deployed over much greater distances.


Fuel and Water Supply in Desert Areas

Fuel and water are critical to successful military operations wherever they take place.

Without these a force quickly comes to a halt. Water is the very life blood of the human body and without fuel the plethora of electronics on the battlefield today would soon stop functioning.


Full Spectrum Modular Solutions for Liquid Logistics from WEW at IDEX 2015

WEW shows full spectrum capability for handling all kinds of fluids on stand 09-A02

WEW provides systems and solutions for the safe handling of fuel, water, lubricants and other liquids including waste anywhere in in forward operating areas, field camps and airfields. The high-mobility modules that form the core of WEW’s solutions are purpose-designed to be carried on a wide variety of vehicles from small MRAPs through to high mobility 8x8s and many are air-portable by rotary or fixed-wing aircraft.