Supporting the Chemical Industry

For over four decades, WEW has been at the forefront of technological developments in logistic solutions for the transport and storage of fine chemicals and toxic gases.

With a payload range between 1,000 and 45,000 litres, WEW specialises in the supply of bespoke products usually within, but not limited to, an ISO footprint. Approximately 50% of our output falls outside standard ISO dimensions. Our expertise extends to the welding and manipulation of high-value alloys, including Hastelloy and Duplex.

Options include heating/cooling, integral pumping, lining and WEW's patented "flask in a tank" system.

We meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and WEW carries ASME VIII R, U, T, as well as many national-specific certificates such as US DOT, SELO and WHG.

We provide full documentation packs and safety cases, as required, as would be expected of a company with a track record of supplying the nuclear industry.