Fuel. Water. Wherever you go.

For nearly 20 years, WEW has been delivering modular fuel and water logistics and infrastructure solutions for expeditionary operations.

Our delivery systems offer “Drop & Go” fuel and water stations anywhere in the world. WEW's patented double-shell fuel design is instantly deployed with no time-consuming or costly preparation in forward deployment areas and no need to de-gas on redeployment. Over 2,000 fuel and water systems are currently in service with defence forces worldwide.

More than half the units we build are fully integrated solutions incorporating pumping, filtration and preservation systems. A water variant also has the capability to provide potable water from any source including CBRN.

Payloads range from 2,000 litre/525 USG to 45,000 litre/11,750 USG; all designs are truly multimodal - road, rail, sea and air - and can be moved using all military load handling systems including hook arm systems and throughout the civil logistics chain.

Our solutions can be carried on a wide range of vehicles from small patrol vehicles right through to 10X10s. As an added advantage for convoy duties and operation in exposed areas, WEW has developed a range of ballistic protection options for both fuel and water modules.