03.09.2013 15:23

CFA/CLS concept being presented on stand S6-364.

The concepts of Contracting for Availability (CFA) and Contractorised Logistic Support (CLS) which provide users with the latest version of equipment, only when they need it, will be at the core of WEW’s presentation at DSEI, 10th to 13th September, on stand S6-364.

CFA manages the responsibility for storage, maintenance and, if required, spares inventory management, whilst giving the user confidence that a fuel and/or water logistics solution is there when needed, even at very short notice. The WEW offering enables the units to be delivered to the point of deployment and measures up to “Fuel or Water wherever you need it”. It offers full asset management and minimises ownership costs.

WEW’s CLS (Contract Logistic Support) gives the user complete confidence by providing a dedicated point of contact and support team to ensure that the capability complies fully with all regulatory and legal requirements. Additionally, WEW feeds-in the pro-active offering of any upgrades and enhancements that could benefit the user.

The company’s solutions are compatible with hook arm or EPLS (enhanced pallet load system) solutions so they can transported by road, rail, sea or air if required.  These are designed to provide “Drop & Go” fuel stations wherever they are needed, be fully interoperable with any 6X6 and 8x8 STANAG 2413 hook-arm equipped vehicle and to transport up to 9,500 litres in any fill state. 

“We see CFA/CLS as a way for armed forces to have high quality, up-to-date equipment at an affordable price,” said Peter Hughes, Business Development Manager at WEW, adding “Our fuel and water solutions are designed to enable the user to have these commodities whenever and wherever they need them whether delivered on the back of a vehicle or towed as a trailer unit.”

WEW has designed a variety of fuel and water systems for a wide range of uses; one of these is the “Dual Fuel” design, which is able to carry two types of fuel, such as diesel and gasoline and can be fitted with twin pumps and underwing refuelling capability, making it a true fuel station wherever needed. This suits operations where a mixture of, for example, gasoline-powered soft-skinned 4X4s are tactically deployed alongside heavy-fuel logistics vehicles or rotary and/or fixed-wing aircraft.

In addition the systems can be coupled into multiples to provide increased capacity and bulk fuel facilities. They can also be fitted with a number of ancillaries including pumps, filter/water separation, heating and telemetry, enabling them to be used in harsh environments either replenishing deployable EPLS solutions or acting as a main refuelling station in a main base according to operational need.

About WEW
WEW Westerwälder Eisenwerk GmbH, an independent German company, provides specialist tank containers and swap tank solutions for transporting and storing liquids, and gases. WEW’s liquid transport solutions have approvals for transporting more than 1,800 hazardous liquids and toxic gases worldwide.  WEW develops, supplies and supports tailored modular water and fuel solutions for defence forces worldwide, including the German, US, British, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Irish and Belgian Armies. WEW’s support to its customers extends to conflict areas.