Water Logistics Solutions on Show at AUSA 2012

Water delivery solutions form the core of WEW’s display on booth 8017 during AUSA 2012, being held at the Walter E Washington Convention Center, Washington DC from 22 to 24 October 2012.

Two systems are on show.  The first is a 2,000 US gallon (USG) “Hippo” system variant which is deployed by PLS/DROPS or fitted into any multimodal supply-chain (including air).  This unit is equipped with its own reverse-osmosis system which enables water to be acquired from any source then purified before being supplied as clean drinking water.


Next Generation of US Army Trailer Mounted Water Containers Starts Trials

Camel II, primed by Choctaw Defense of the USA with WEW of Germany as a major partner, has now reached TARDEC’s APG (Aberdeen Proving Ground) facility for extensive testing.

Camel II is the much-needed upgrade to the M107, M149 and M1112 series 400-gallon water trailers (Water Buffalo) that have been in service for many years. Camel II is the result of well over 3 years’ conceptual and prototype development and an initial contract for more than 300 units was agreed between TACOM and Choctaw Defense of Oklahoma in July 2011.


Deployable Fuel and Water Stations on Display At DVD 2012

Fuel and water logistics solutions from WEW are on display on stand SP-25 at DVD being held at Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedford on 20th and 21stJune.

The fuel solution or fuel dispensing racks (FDR) on display are in-service with the UK in Afghanistan where units are deployed at Camp Bastion and in the forward operating bases.  These 10,000 litre MOTS (military off the shelf) units are fitted with integral pumping systems enabling them to function as a mobile fuel station wherever required.


WEW Demonstrates Modular Water and Fuel Systems at Eurosatory 2012

On stand B320 in the outside area WEW is demonstrating its capabilities in modular fuel and water logistic systems at Eurosatory being held near Paris from 11 to 15 June.

On a joint stand with Serco GmbH and FHF GmbH, WEW is showing how the fuel and water systems form an integral part of a mobile field camp where MOTS and COTS solutions are to the fore, along the lines of the UK MOD’s Generic Base Architecture (GBA) /FOBEX concepts.


“The Road to MOTS“– How Commonality is in Everybody’s Interest to Deliver Interoperability

Speaking at the Defence Logistics Conference being held in London from 26 to 28 March, Peter Hughes, Business Development Manager for WEW, the fuel and water solutions company, will call for commonality and interoperability in fuel and water systems to be adopted.


Modular, COTS Approach to Fuel and Water Logistics Should Be Adopted Says WEW

A modular, MOTS approach should be adopted for fuel and water logistics on the battlefield claims Peter Hughes, Business Development Manager at WEW, the specialist tank supplier. During his presentation at the International Armoured Vehicle Conference being held at Five, Farnborough, UK on 21 and 22 February 2012, he will suggest some solutions for interoperability and commonality between armed forces based on current protected vehicle architecture.