Upstream and Downstream Chemicals Transportation, Dosing and Delivery Systems at GPS 2014


08.05.2014 14:30
Systems integrator WEW presents modular Tank Container-based systems for pumping and dosing, together with upstream fuel supply for extreme climate applications.
Upstream and downstream chemicals transportation and dosing systems are at the heart of the WEW display at the Gas and Petroleum Show 2014 being held in Calgary from 10 to 12 June.  The company is exhibiting its capabilities for the first time on stand 4017.

WEW is a German systems-integrator, with over four decades of experience delivering modular systems encapsulating pumping and dosing, for both upstream and downstream chemical, as well as fuel delivery applications. From drill-mud and completion fluid additive dosing, to MEG waste handling, WEW provides own-designed robust solutions to support both upstream and downstream markets with numerous add-ons such as telemetry, PLC/CANBus and remote-control systems. WEW’s systems have been specially designed to operate in Polar and other extreme environments.

The company is also explaining how it integrates fuel and water pumping and storage/preservation systems, drawing on its defence experience, to deliver rigside and Zone 1 offshore “Drop & Go” fuel supplies.

WEW draws on years of experience in the civilian logistics sector when handling, for example, temperature sensitive or radioactive products over long distances, and requires accurate positioning and product condition data.  WEW’s activities in defence in recent years have further enhanced this capability, yielding “real-time” operational data, including secure systems telemetry.

In the oilfield market, WEW draws on this experience to deliver a range of solutions including remote control dosing, metering and pumping in a zone 1 offshore environment.

With a payload range between 1,000 and 51,000 litres, WEW specialises in the supply of bespoke products usually within, but not limited to, an ISO footprint. Approximately 50% of its output falls outside standard ISO dimensions and many systems are multi-functional/compartment, permitting the storage, transport and dosing of numerous chemicals concurrently.  The company’s expertise extends to the welding and manipulation of high-value alloys, including Hastelloy, Duplex and Inconle.

The company meets or exceed all regulatory requirements and carries ASME VIII R, U, T, as well as many national-specific certificates such as US DOT, SELO and WHG.

“GPS is a great opportunity for us to develop our well-proven business in the oil and gas market, as well as to gather information about how our fluid logistics solutions can meet the community’s requirements worldwide, particularly in the harshest environments,” said Peter Hughes, Business Development Manager at WEW

“Of the numerous units we have supplied over the last two decades, not a single reportable major defect has been recorded,” added Hughes.

“In recent years we have focused on integration innovation, with modular systems now encapsulating pumping, heating and preservation units, for both upstream and downstream applications. From drill-mud additive dosing, through MEG waste handling to downstream fine chemicals logistics solutions, WEW provides robust yet advanced systems to support both upstream and downstream markets.”